“REngineering circular asphalt PAVements”



REcircularPAV has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions “Individual Fellowship” for research, technological development and demonstration, under grant n. 101033561.

Towards circular asphalt mixtures

Investigating road materials for a post fossil fuel society

What is?

REcircularPAV is a training-through-research project aiming at engineering cost-effective circular asphalt mixtures for road pavement in a fossil fuel-free society, incorporating very high-content of reclaimed asphalt together with end-of-life tyres and bio-based materials.

Project pillars

Going beyond bituminous asphalt mixtures

Recycling, bio-based materials and end-of-life products

Evaluating predicted performances

Mechanical properties, ageing and sustainability



REcircularPAV project aims to tailor for the first time engineered circular asphalt mixtures for road pavement materials.

Circular mixture preparation and development

Laboratory, plant and site levels

Circular mixture assessment

Ageing, mechanical and sustainabilty

Engineering low-cost bio-binder with biomass;

Evaluating the designed mixtures during manufacturing and laying processes and produce an end-user manual for practicioners;

Assessing predicted performance by using chemical, morphological and mechanical characterizations;

Evaluating the environmental and economical impact of the technologies.

Project contributions

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